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2020 Partnership HealthPlan of California Drug Search  

Welcome to the search tool for Partnership HealthPlan Of California’s Medi-Cal formulary.

This search site is intended to help providers know formulary status of drug products, identify criteria for TAR authorization and to help determine appropriate formulary alternatives.  To view a PDF version of our drug formulary, click

The user will notice a significant difference in this search tool, compared to previous PHC Medi-Cal formulary reference tools:  an unconventional use of “TIER” values.  These tier values are for grouping & informational purposes only and it is important to note that having a tier value does not necessarily mean an item is on the formulary.  PHC has chosen to include many NON-FORMULARY items in this search tool for informational purposes, in order to assist providers with frequent issues & questions that arise with non-formulary products.  Tiers 1, 2 & 3 are the only FORMULARY tiers.  All other tiers are NON-FORMULARY.  Please check the descriptions of tiers and all notes carefully when researching formulary status.  If you have any formulary questions, additional information may be obtained by calling PHC at (707) 863-4414.

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Alternative Therapy - Vitamins And MineralsAnalgesic, Anti-Inflammatory Or Antipyretic - Drugs For Pain And FeverAnesthetics - Drugs For Pain And FeverAnorectal Preparations - Rectal PreparationsAntidotes And Other Reversal Agents - Drugs For Overdose Or PoisoningAnti-Infective Agents - Drugs For InfectionsAntineoplastics - Drugs For CancerAntiseptics And Disinfectants - Antiseptics And DisinfectantsBiologicals - Biological AgentsCardiovascular Therapy Agents - Drugs For The HeartCentral Nervous System Agents - Drugs For The Nervous SystemChemical Dependency, Agents To Treat - Drugs For AddictionChemicals-Pharmaceutical AdjuvantsCognitive Disorder Therapy - Drugs For The Nervous SystemContraceptives - Drugs For WomenDermatological - Drugs For The SkinDiagnostic AgentsDrugs To Treat Erectile Dysfunction - Drugs For The Urinary SystemEating Disorder Therapy - Drugs For Eating DisordersElectrolyte Balance-Nutritional Products - Drugs For NutritionEndocrine - HormonesEnzymes - Vitamins And MineralsFdb Class Obsolete-Not UsedGastrointestinal Therapy Agents - Drugs For The StomachGenitourinary Therapy - Drugs For The Urinary SystemGout And Hyperuricemia Therapy - Drugs For Pain And FeverHematological Agents - Drugs For The BloodHepatobiliary System Treatment Agents - Drugs For The LiverHistamine Preparations For DesensitizationImmunosuppressive Agents - Drugs For Organ TransplantsLocomotor System - Drugs For Muscles, Ligaments, Tendons, And BonesMedical Supplies And Durable Medical Equipment (Dme) - Medical Supplies And Durable Medical EquipmentMedical Supply, Fdb SupersetMetabolic Disease Enzyme Replacement Agents - Drugs For Metabolic DiseaseMetabolic Modifiers - Drugs That Alter MetabolismMouth-Throat-Dental - Preparations - Drugs For The Mouth And ThroatMultiple Sclerosis Agents - Drugs For The Nervous SystemOphthalmic Agents - Drugs For The EyeOtic (Ear) - Drugs For The EarRespiratory Therapy Agents - Drugs For The LungsVaginal Products - Drugs For Women
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