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Welcome to the Maryland Medicaid Pharmacy Program fee-for-service (FFS) covered medication list on Formulary Navigator™

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Main:  https://mmcp.health.maryland.gov/pap/Pages/paphome.aspx

Preferred Drug List: https://mmcp.health.maryland.gov/pap/pages/Preferred-Drug-List.aspx

Clinical Criteria: https://mmcp.health.maryland.gov/pap/pages/Clinical-Criteria.aspx

Prior Authorization information/forms: https://mmcp.health.maryland.gov/pap/pages/Pharmacy-Program-Forms.aspx

Quantity Limits:  https://mmcp.health.maryland.gov/pap/docs/QL.pdf

HealthChoice Managed Care Organization (MCO) information:  http://www.mmppi.com

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The Maryland Medicaid Pharmacy Program provides an online listing of formulary products paid fee-for-service through the pharmacy program.  Products are coded based on coverage and include additional resources to facilitate coverage of products. 



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