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analgesics - treatment of painanesthetics - local treatment of painanti-addiction/ substance abuse treatment agents - treatment of substance abuse disordersantibacterials - treatment of bacterial infectionsanticonvulsants - treatment of seizuresantidementia agents - management of dementiaantidepressants - treatment of depressionantiemetics - treatment of vomiting or nauseaantifungals - treatment of fungal or yeast infectionsantigout agents - treatment or prevention of gouty arthritisantimigraine agents - treatment of migraine headachesantimyasthenic agents - treatment of myastheniaantimycobacterials - treatment for infections by tuberculosis-type organismsantineoplastics - treatment of cancerantiparasitics - treatment of infections from parasitesantiparkinson agents - treatment of parkinson's diseaseantipsychotics - treatment of behavioral and emotional disordersantispasticity agents - treatment of muscle spasmsantivirals - treatment of infections by virusesanxiolytics - treatment of anxiety or nervousnessbipolar agents - treatment for bipolar illnessesblood glucose regulators - control of diabetesblood products and modifiers - prevention of clotting and increasing blood cell productioncardiovascular agents - treatment of conditions affecting the heart and blood vesselscentral nervous system agents - treatment of disorders of the brain and spinal columndental and oral agents - treatment of mouth and gum disordersdermatological agents - treatment of skin conditionselectrolytes/minerals/ metals/ vitamins - products that supplement or replace electrolytes, minerals, metals or vitaminsgastrointestinal agents - treatment of stomach and intestinal conditionsgenetic or enzyme or protein disorder: replacement, modifiers, treatment - products that replace, modify, or treat genetic or enzyme disordersgenitourinary agents - treatment of urinary tract and prostate conditionshormonal agents, stimulant/ replacement/ modifying (adrenal) - treatment of conditions requiring steroidshormonal agents, stimulant/ replacement/ modifying (pituitary) - treatment of pituitary gland conditionshormonal agents, stimulant/ replacement/ modifying (sex hormones/ modifiers) - for the replacement or modification of sex hormoneshormonal agents, stimulant/ replacement/ modifying (thyroid) - treatment of thyroid conditionshormonal agents, suppressant (pituitary) - treatment of or modification of pituitary hormone secretionhormonal agents, suppressant (thyroid) - treatment for overactive thyroidimmunological agents - medications that alter the immune system including vaccinationsinflammatory bowel disease agents - treatment of ulcerative colitis or crohn's diseasemetabolic bone disease agents - treatment of bone diseases including osteoporosisophthalmic agents - treatment of eye conditionsotic agents - treatment of ear conditionsrespiratory tract/ pulmonary agents - treatment of breathing conditionsskeletal muscle relaxants - treatment of muscle tightnesssleep disorder agents - treatment of insomnia
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Medicare Part D 2022 Drug Formulary

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