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2020 Small Group Value Plus Aetna Funding Advantage Plan

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*Adhd/Anti-Narcolepsy/Anti-Obesity/Anorexiants* - Drugs For The Nervous System*Allergenic Extracts/Biologicals Misc* - Biological Agents*Amebicides* - Drugs For Infections*Aminoglycosides* - Drugs For Infections*Analgesics - Anti-Inflammatory* - Drugs For Pain And Fever*Analgesics - Nonnarcotic* - Drugs For Pain And Fever*Analgesics - Opioid* - Drugs For Pain And Fever*Androgens-Anabolic* - Hormones*Anorectal And Related Products* - Rectal Preparations*Anthelmintics* - Drugs For Infections*Antianginal Agents* - Drugs For The Heart*Antianxiety Agents* - Drugs For The Nervous System*Antiarrhythmics* - Drugs For The Heart*Antiasthmatic And Bronchodilator Agents* - Drugs For The Lungs*Anticoagulants* - Drugs For The Blood*Anticonvulsants* - Drugs For The Nervous System*Antidepressants* - Drugs For The Nervous System*Antidiabetics* - Hormones*Antidiarrheal/Probiotic Agents* - Drugs For The Stomach*Antidotes And Specific Antagonists* - Drugs For Overdose Or Poisoning*Antiemetics* - Drugs For The Stomach*Antifungals* - Drugs For Infections*Antihistamines* - Drugs For The Lungs*Antihyperlipidemics* - Drugs For The Heart*Antihypertensives* - Drugs For The Heart*Anti-Infective Agents - Misc.* - Drugs For Infections*Antimalarials* - Drugs For Infections*Antimyasthenic/Cholinergic Agents* - Drugs For Nerves And Muscles*Antimycobacterial Agents* - Drugs For Infections*Antineoplastics And Adjunctive Therapies* - Drugs For Cancer*Antiparkinson And Related Therapy Agents* - Drugs For The Nervous System*Antipsychotics/Antimanic Agents* - Drugs For The Nervous System*Antiseptics & Disinfectants* - Antiseptics And Disinfectants*Antivirals* - Drugs For Infections*Beta Blockers* - Drugs For The Heart*Calcium Channel Blockers* - Drugs For The Heart*Cardiotonics* - Drugs For The Heart*Cardiovascular Agents - Misc.* - Drugs For The Heart*Cephalosporins* - Drugs For Infections*Chemicals**Contraceptives* - Drugs For Women*Corticosteroids* - Hormones*Cough/Cold/Allergy* - Drugs For The Lungs*Dermatologicals* - Drugs For The Skin*Diagnostic Products**Digestive Aids* - Drugs For The Stomach*Diuretics* - Drugs For The Heart*Endocrine And Metabolic Agents - Misc.* - Hormones*Estrogens* - Hormones*Fluoroquinolones* - Drugs For Infections*Gastrointestinal Agents - Misc.* - Drugs For The Stomach*Genitourinary Agents - Miscellaneous* - Drugs For The Urinary System*Gout Agents* - Drugs For Pain And Fever*Hematological Agents - Misc.* - Drugs For The Blood*Hematopoietic Agents* - Drugs For Nutrition*Hemostatics* - Drugs For The Blood*Hypnotics/Sedatives/Sleep Disorder Agents* - Drugs For The Nervous System*Laxatives* - Drugs For The Stomach*Local Anesthetics-Parenteral* - Drugs For Pain And Fever*Macrolides* - Drugs For Infections*Medical Devices And Supplies* - Medical Supplies And Durable Medical Equipment*Migraine Products* - Drugs For The Nervous System*Minerals & Electrolytes* - Drugs For Nutrition*Miscellaneous Therapeutic Classes* - Vitamins And Minerals*Mouth/Throat/Dental Agents* - Drugs For The Mouth And Throat*Multivitamins* - Drugs For Nutrition*Musculoskeletal Therapy Agents* - Drugs For Muscles, Ligaments, Tendons, And Bones*Nasal Agents - Systemic And Topical* - Drugs For The Nose*Neuromuscular Agents* - Drugs For Nerves And Muscles*Nutrients* - Drugs For Nutrition*Ophthalmic Agents* - Drugs For The Eye*Otic Agents* - Drugs For The Ear*Oxytocics* - Hormones*Passive Immunizing And Treatment Agents* - Biological Agents*Penicillins* - Drugs For Infections*Pharmaceutical Adjuvants**Progestins* - Hormones*Psychotherapeutic And Neurological Agents - Misc.* - Drugs For The Nervous System*Respiratory Agents - Misc.* - Drugs For The Lungs*Sulfonamides* - Drugs For Infections*Tetracyclines* - Drugs For Infections*Thyroid Agents* - Hormones*Toxoids* - Biological Agents*Ulcer Drugs/Antispasmodics/Anticholinergics* - Drugs For The Stomach*Urinary Antispasmodics* - Drugs For The Urinary System*Vaginal And Related Products* - Drugs For Women*Vasopressors* - Drugs For The Heart*Vitamins* - Drugs For Nutrition
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2020 Aetna Drug Search for Small Group Value Plus Aetna Funding Pharmacy Drug Plan

The formulary is updated the first week of each month.

Formulary Id: 16201
Formulary Effective Date: 12/01/2020

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