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2017 Drug Formulary in several ways:

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If you have questions about your prescription drug coverage:

  • Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island Members: 844-812-6896, TTY/TDD 711+844-812-6896
  • Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island Providers: 855-613-0410 

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AnalgesicsAnestheticsAnti-Addiction/ Substance Abuse Treatment AgentsAntibacterialsAnticonvulsantsAntidementia AgentsAntidepressantsAntiemeticsAntifungalsAntigout AgentsAnti-Inflammatory AgentsAntimigraine AgentsAntimyasthenic AgentsAntimycobacterialsAntineoplasticsAntiparasiticsAntiparkinson AgentsAntipsychoticsAntispasticity AgentsAntiviralsAnxiolyticsBipolar AgentsBlood Glucose RegulatorsBlood Glucose Regulators / InsulinsBlood Products/ Modifiers/ Volume ExpandersCardiovascular AgentsCentral Nervous System AgentsDental And Oral AgentsDermatological AgentsDiabetic SuppliesEnzyme Replacement/ ModifiersGastrointestinal AgentsGenetic Or Enzyme Disorder: Replacement, Modifiers, TreatmentGenitourinary AgentsHormonal Agents, Stimulant/ Replacement/ Modifying (Adrenal)Hormonal Agents, Stimulant/ Replacement/ Modifying (Pituitary)Hormonal Agents, Stimulant/ Replacement/ Modifying (Sex Hormones/ Modifiers)Hormonal Agents, Stimulant/ Replacement/ Modifying (Thyroid)Hormonal Agents, Stimulant/Replacement/Modifying (Sex Horomones/ Modifiers)Hormonal Agents, Suppressant (Adrenal)Hormonal Agents, Suppressant (Parathyroid)Hormonal Agents, Suppressant (Pituitary)Hormonal Agents, Suppressant (Thyroid)Horomonal Agents , Stimulant/ Replacement/ Modifying (Sex Hormones/Modifiers)Immunological AgentsInflammatory Bowel Disease AgentsMetabolic Bone Disease AgentsMiscellaneousOphthalmic AgentsOtcOtic AgentsRespiratory Tract AgentsRespiratory Tract/ Pulmonary AgentsSkeletal Muscle RelaxantsSleep Disorder AgentsTherapeutic Nutrients/ Minerals/ Electrolytes
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Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island

Medicare Part D 2017 Drug Formulary

Formulary Id: 17206
Formulary Effective Date: 12/21/2017
CMS Approval Date:

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