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To view formulary coverage, enter your drug name in the search box below.
  • You may either type in the complete or partial drug name
    • When searching complete drug names (e.g, Celebrex), spelling must be correct in order to provide accurate search results
    • When searching partial drug names results may include all medications that are similar to the search criteria (e.g., searching "flu" will show all drugs that contain "flu")
  • If the results of your search do not match the exact drug and strength you are looking for, the product may not be covered on your plan. Please contact customer service for additional information.

This tool does not provide copayment/coinsurance information, however, this tool does provide formulary drug coverage information ONLY (e.g., atorvastatin iscovered on the  Formulary). Slight variations may occur based on inclusion/exclusion criteria determined by plan sponsor. For further coverage information please contact VRx Pharmacy Services. 


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