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Presbyterian Centennial Care Formulary

The medications included in the Presbyterian Centennial Care Formulary are reviewed and approved by the Presbyterian Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, which includes practitioners and pharmacists that work in the community.

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You may search the Presbyterian Centennial Care Drug Formulary in the following ways:  

  • Alphabetical Search – You can find a drug by choosing the first letter in the drug name from the list of letters below.
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  • Therapeutic Class Search – You can find all of the drugs on the formulary that are used to treat certain conditions, like antidepressant medications, vaccines, nutrients. Choose a therapeutic class from the list below

Presbyterian covers both brand name and generic drugs. Generic drugs have the same active ingredient(s) as the brand name drug. Generic drugs usually cost less than brand name drugs and are rated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be as safe and effective as brand name drugs.

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Presbyterian Centennial Care Formulary

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*Adhd/Anti-Narcolepsy/Anti-Obesity/Anorexiants**Aminoglycosides**Analgesics - Anti-Inflammatory**Analgesics - Nonnarcotic**Analgesics - Opioid**Androgens-Anabolic**Anorectal Agents**Anthelmintics**Antianginal Agents**Antianxiety Agents**Antiarrhythmics**Antiasthmatic And Bronchodilator Agents**Anticoagulants**Anticonvulsants**Antidepressants**Antidiabetics**Antidiarrheals**Antidotes And Specific Antagonists**Antidotes**Antiemetics**Antifungals**Antihistamines**Antihyperlipidemics**Antihypertensives**Anti-Infective Agents - Misc.**Antimalarials**Antimyasthenic/Cholinergic Agents**Antimycobacterial Agents**Antineoplastics And Adjunctive Therapies**Antiparkinson Agents**Antiparkinson And Related Therapy Agents**Antipsychotics/Antimanic Agents**Antiseptics & Disinfectants**Antivirals**Assorted Classes**Beta Blockers**Calcium Channel Blockers**Cardiotonics**Cardiovascular Agents - Misc.**Cephalosporins**Contraceptives**Corticosteroids**Cough/Cold/Allergy**Dermatologicals**Diagnostic Products**Dietary Products/Dietary Management Products**Digestive Aids**Diuretics**Endocrine And Metabolic Agents - Misc.**Estrogens**Fluoroquinolones**Gastrointestinal Agents - Misc.**Genitourinary Agents - Miscellaneous**Gout Agents**Hematological Agents - Misc.**Hematopoietic Agents**Hemostatics**Hypnotics**Hypnotics/Sedatives/Sleep Disorder Agents**Laxatives**Macrolides**Medical Devices And Supplies**Medical Devices**Migraine Products**Minerals & Electrolytes**Miscellaneous Therapeutic Classes**Mouth/Throat/Dental Agents**Multivitamins**Musculoskeletal Therapy Agents**Nasal Agents - Systemic And Topical**Neuromuscular Agents**Nutrients**Ophthalmic Agents**Otic Agents**Oxytocics**Passive Immunizing Agents**Passive Immunizing And Treatment Agents**Penicillins**Progestins**Psychotherapeutic And Neurological Agents - Misc.**Respiratory Agents - Misc.**Tetracyclines**Thyroid Agents**Toxoids**Ulcer Drugs**Ulcer Drugs/Antispasmodics/Anticholinergics**Urinary Anti-Infectives**Urinary Antispasmodics**Vaccines**Vaginal Products**Vasopressors**Vitamins*
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